Mahabir Industrial Park, Gujarat

What are the locational advantages?

  • The main site near Highway No. 151
  • Access to 6 major and intermediate seaports within 500 km facilitating easy import and export
  • 2 Major international airports- Vadodara (76 km) & Ahmadabad (81 km)Mahabir Industrial Park Map
  • All major milk dairies within a radius of 50 km
  • Major pharma companies within a radius of 100 km
  • 1600 km long coastline which is good for sea  activities

Why invest with us?

  • Fully approved freehold plots
  • Residential Accommodation
  • Clear and fair transaction
  •  Market access to all major cities in India
  • Multinational Neighborhood
  • Site Office support
  • Support for startup and legal compliance’s
  • Pollution free environment
  • Large customer base within a radius of 100 Km
  • Administrative office support

In Nutshell- Talk to us about 

  • Factory plots of sizes ranging from 2000 sq. m upto 11000 sq. m in a 45 acre exclusive industrial park
  • Complete Project Consultancy for legal compliances, building construction, market-research, networking and so on
  • Joint Venture Possibilities with Equity Participation
  • Housing, Office or any other issue that bothers you… just feel free to talk


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