• Easy Open Ends – Easy Open Lids – Easy Open Covers

    Scan Holdings offers top quality Tinplate and Aluminium Easy Open Ends for food Cans, beer-beverage and non food products. Tinplate / Tin Free Steel Easy Open End with full aperture opening and partial opening are available in all sizes. These are also known as Tapas Metálicos.

    Our tinplate Full Open Ends (round, quarter club, oval, pear) are most suitable for tuna fish, tomato paste, vegetables, fruits, juices, etc., and also for dry packs such as coffee powder, milk powder, cereals and nuts. Aluminum Easy Open Lids for beer & beverage are available in Ring Pull Type, Stay on Tab (SOT Easy Open Ends) and Large Opening Ends (LOE). Our SOT Lids / Stay on Tab Beverage Ends and LOE can be made available for packing carbonated beverages & pasteurized / retort / sterilized juices. Also on offer are Aluminium Safety Feature Covers for packing milk powder & coffee powder. All our ends are available at competitive price. We can offer complete range of EOE/EZO in round, oval, quarter club, pear and rectangle shape.

  • Can Ends/ Can Bottoms/ Sanitary – TFS Bottom Ends/ Sanitary Bottoms

    Our Sanitary Can Ends / Bottoms are good for packing meat, fish, tomato paste, evaporated milk, vegetables, coffee and powdered products. We supply them in high quality tinplate, special lacquer quality and perfect manufacturing. We can even design a bottom for your specific need. Contact us for details.

  • Peel Off Ends/ Peel Off Membranes

    We offer very high quality Peel Off Lids in several combination as under:

    1. Tinplate Ring or Aluminium Ring.
    2. Ring Type or Tab Type.
    3. With Clinch Marks for gassing and Without Clinch Marks.
  • Paint Components (Top and Bottoms)

    Tinplate Components – Empty Paint Tin Can Components Bottom, Lid, ring

  • Aerosol Components

    Products range covers all the sizes of cones and domes used in the aerosol markets.

  • Penny Lever Lid Assembly-Ring Lid Tagger Assemblies

    Scan Holdings offers you high quality ‘Tinplate’ and ‘Tin Free Steel Sanitary Can Ends’ and Penny Lever Lid Assemblies suitable for packing different types of foods, vegetable oil, ghee, paint etc. at competitive rates. All our food Can components including ‘Tagger Ring & Foil Closures’ or ‘Aluminium Diaphragm Membrane Lids with Plug’ are made from prime quality tinplate’s on automatic machines. Our range of tinplate components is complete starting from size 50mm (200 diameter) up to 189mm (708 diameter).

  • Printed Tinplate/ Unprinted Tinplate/ Lacquered Tinplate

    Scan Holdings is a competitive and leading exporter for Printed and lacquered Tinplate that is used in the manufacturing of metal Cans and Lids/Bottoms for packaging of food, beverage drinks, paint and aerosol.

    With almost 30 years’ experience in Tinplate/TFS Can & End Making technology, Scan Holdings understands the importance of high-quality tinplate, high lacquer integrity (quality) and precision lithographic with exact colour matching. So many of our customers prefer to directly buy lacquered and printed tinplate/TFS from us and avoid the administrative hassles and cost of first buying tinplate and later sending them to an agency for printing and/or lacquering.

    For a different type of usage, Scan Holdings can recommend you the right type of tinplate and appropriate lacquer. It can also participate to improve your products visual appeal by making suggestions on lithography. And of course, it can exactly follow and deliver the lacquer and printing specification if the buyer wants no changes.

  • Paint Pails

    Scan Holdings offers top and bottom lids of the paint pails along with Printed Tinplate body cut as per required blank size. The lids can be made both in ETP as well as TFS. They can be printed or coated as per client requirement.

  • Steel Can Ends

    We supply can ends for Beverage, Coffee, Curries, Fruits, Juices, Meat, Milk, Mushrooms, Pickles & Vegetables. Available in all sizes from 50mm to 189mm. Excellent lacquering is our specialty. It is possible to supply external printed Ends.

  • Steel Food Cans (3 Piece)-Tinplate Cans for Food (Three Piece)

    We supply comprehensive range of Steel Cans catering to various food & beverage segments.

    Scan Holdings ensure prime quality tin plates, top quality lacquer, best inks and best compound lining for our Cans. All our Cans are outcome of state of art manufacturing. The Cans are produced on latest machines. Most Cans undergo post repair lacquering and have high quality lithography to help your product stand out in the super market.

    Please write or call us for more details.

  • Steel DRD Cans (2 Piece)

    Your Tuna is safe inside. It can be printed in attractive designs complemented by lithographed Easy Open Ends.

    It can be customised as per customer requirements.

  • Aluminium Neck foils for Beer bottles

    Scan Holdings offers you attractively printed Aluminum Neck Foils for Beer Bottles at competitive prices. These Aluminum Neck Foils for beer bottles can be supplied in customized shapes and sizes as per your requirement.

  • Paper labels for beer bottles

    Scan Holdings offers you attractively printed Paper Labels for Beer Bottles at highly competitive prices. These Beer Bottle Paper Labels can be supplied in all quality of papers like Wet strength, Metallized etc. The Paper Labels will be printed in your design on top class German machinery and supplied as per your customized shape and size.

    Our Paper Labels for Beer Bottles are of highest quality and competitively priced. They are getting exported to many countries around the World. Our customers include most major breweries and beer brands around the globe.

  • Vegetable Parchment Paper (VPP) – Translucent Transparent Tracing Paper

    Scan Holdings, one of the leading supplier of parchment paper offers complete variety in parchment paper used for different applications in food and textile Industry

  • Aluminium Cans (2 Piece) for Beer and Beverages-Two Piece Beer Cans

    Scan Holdings has been servicing the requirement of India Beverage manufacturers since the year 2000.It offers two piece beer and beverage Cans made of Aluminium. The sizes offered are 250ml, 330ml and 500ml. These Cans are available in body diameter 211 (65mm) and neck diameter 206 (57mm).

  • Lug Caps (Twist Off Caps)

    Extensive range of lug caps also known as twist of lug caps made of supreme quality steel sheet. We can supply with both PVC and TPE Compound lining. Also we can offer with Safety Button for vaccum check. Product suitable for retort / sterilization and also normal packing.