Scan Holdings successfully completed the entire legal process of acquiring approximately 44 acres (178,000 square metres) of prime industrial land in the state of Gujarat, India. Gujarat is the fastest growing industrial state in India. Its investor and industry friendly policies, world class infrastructure and dynamic leadership have made it a favoured destination in Asia Pacific region. It boasts of several sea-ports on its 1600 km coast line that facilitate import and export of raw materials and finished goods. Scan Holdings plans to build several packaging factories on this land over next few years. These factories are aimed at providing world class packaging to the food, beverage and other industries in the region. It will further encourage large multinationals to invest into India, who have been hesitating so far due to lack of availability of right packaging for their products.  Surely, a forward looking step which will not just help Scan Holdings, but revolutionise the whole industry in coming years.

  • Scan Holdings Completes Industrial Land Acquisition Process