Water Supply and Drip Irrigation through Solar Energy, Dakhnepada

Located in the interiors of Maharashtra, Dakhnepada is a small village. The region is so remote that it takes around 45 minutes of walking to reach the last concrete road, crossing the river and mountainous terrains.

The farmers in Dakhnepada village have knowledge of which crops to grow, but remained unemployed due to lack of availability of water for farming. We are proud to share that Scan Holdings Private Limited has independently been able to finance the solar project to arrange supply of water from the river to the top of the village. This water is then being provided to 18 farmers, each owning 1 acre of land to conduct their farming activities through drip irrigation. This single action is expected to change and improve the lives of over a hundred people residing in this village.

Fun fact about this village – This village has never been ruled or colonized as the invaders could never reach this location. So, the residents consider themselves free from any foreign rule ever.

This project is fully run by Keshav Shrushti, a not-for-profit organization that stands tall as a hub of innovative and versatile educational, irrigational and social projects aimed at creating socially conscious leaders and dedicated citizens of the country.

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